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French BM act re-release their demos

After years of rumours about their second coming, Osculum Infame make official the rebirth of the popular French B.M. act with the re-release of all their demos on LP and CD under the name “Manifesto From the Dark Age” in 2010.

The new line up, restrained to guitarist originator Drack aka Deviant and drummer Malkira record at home in the pure black metal tradition two new tracks for the EP “QUWM”.

Say the band: “It’s beyond all doubt that Osculum Infame has nothing to do with mere human political ideas and draw its hate far away in Darkness.” Joined by the guitarists I.Luciferia and Dispater the band recorded 15 titles in 2011 at their home studio AMSG to release “Consuming the Metatron” and the new full album (the real second full album in the story of the band) “The AXIS OF BLOOD”.

The AXIS OF BLOOD will be released by Battlesk’rs on May 22nd 2015.

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