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War Black Metal and we’ve got it right here

“The Omnipresent Darkness Demos” of self-styled  War Black metal band  BLOODWRAITH from USA are now streaming.

Bloodwraith was founded by mainman Wargoat after the demise of his previous band Shadows of Sin. He wanted to continue on the path created by that band, but also wanted to expand upon its foundation. Tossing aside all preconceived notions of what black metal should sound like, Wargoat set out to create music with no boundaries in songwriting. Bloodwraith reckon they  “play forward-thinking black metal art.”

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1. Hail Prometheus
2. Black Desecrating Metal
3. Look Beyond
4. Nocturnal Art
5. The Return of Winter Darkness
Running time: 25:09

Kevin Wargoat – All instruments (2010-2012), Vocals (2010-present), Drums (2012-2014), Guitars (2012-present)
Mori Bund Debauchee – Bass (2012, 2014), Guitars (2012, 2014-present)
Allynd “Nihilist Emeritus” Dudnikov – Bass (2014-present)


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