Horns Up! It’s Reanimator


Canadian Thrashers release new old skool stuff tomorrow

With the release of “Horns Up“, Quebec Canada’s REANIMATOR proves that there are still some terrific vintage Thrash Metal bands with which to mosh out there. Beyond the loads of strong riffs and screaming guitar solos, REANIMATOR primarily excels in two areas: (1) writing basic, yet memorable, hooks; and (2) penning uproarious lyrics. “Electric Circle Pit”, “The Abominautor”, and “Tempted by Deviance” are just a few examples of the band’s ability to knock out choruses that are catchy as “F”. In some cases, such as on rip-roarin’ anthem “Rush for the Mosh”, the speeding pace and backing shout punch-ins reminds one of the happy-thrash antics of early ANTHRAX.

Since the creation of the band in 2005 by Patrick Martin and Maxime Cormier, Reanimator dug an important place in the Quebec Metal scene. Offering an incendiary Thrash Metal dotted with old-school and new school element, these guys are ready to kick some asses.

Horns Up Tracklisting:
1. Electric Circle Pit
2. Rush for the Mosh
3. Tempted by Deviance
4. Thieves of Society
5. The Abominautor
6. The Mosh Master
7. Still Sick
8. Off With Their Heads
9. Mock a Mockingbird

STREAM & BUY: http://reanimator.bandcamp.com
BUY: http://reanimator.bigcartel.com
WEB: http://www.reanimator.ca
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/reanimatormtl
FOLLOW: https://twitter.com/ReanimatorMTL
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/reanimatorthrash

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