Boston’s THE OFFERING are anything but orthodox. The high-flying quartet have a way of cleverly suffusing all their influences — from black and death to heavy and modern to thrash and power to nü and hardcore — into their story-like songs. Over time (and across many refinement sessions), THE OFFERING have developed their all-in dynamic into a signature sound. Their debut album, “HOME”, is set for a worldwide release on 02 August 2019.
After already releasing ‘Failure (S.O.S)’, the band is excited to present their first video clip that was directed by JBAW PRODUCTIONS, check out ‘Ultraviolence’ here:

Nishad George (guitar) on the video: “For ‘Ultraviolence’, we wanted to make a video that represents one of the reoccurring themes Alex sings about on ‘Home,’ which is the war between the ears.  To visually depict this, I wanted to emphasize the physical, emotional, and intellectual breakdown that happens when you lose the battle against yourself.  

We made a screenplay inspired by ‘The Most Dangerous Game’, but set in the inner forest, with each remaining bandmate representing one the aforementioned three aspects of humanity.  This was incredibly hard to film as Alex put himself in a LOT of physical danger to pull it off.  We hope you enjoy it.”

THE OFFERING are happy to break the news that they will be coming over for a number of shows including the legendary Wacken Open Air (DE), Free & Easy in Munich and and FEZEN Festival in Hungary. More dates will be announced shortly.

Alexander Richichi (vocals) about coming to Europe: “Since our teens, we (THE OFFERING) have heard rumors about the majesty of the European metal scene. Like a myth – stories of the grandness and the abundance of fans of the European festivals travel across the Atlantic to us, mocking us and reminding us that our scene is lacking. THE OFFERING is humbly grateful for the opportunity to travel to historic festivals to play and share our art. This is a dream for most, if not every metal musician. We recognize our opportunity and will do everything to make it the best for you, our listeners. Let’s have some fun.” 

20.07.19 (SE) Gävle – Gefle Metal Festival
25.07.19 (HU) Takarodó – Fezen Festival
28.07.19 (DE) Munich – Free & Easy (Werkstatt-Studio)
03.08.19 (DE) Wacken – Wacken Open Air

THE OFFERING are (left to right):
Steve Finn – Drums
Spencer Metela – Bass
Alexander Richichi – Vocals
Nishad George – Guitar