‘Woman’, the new album from Gordon Giltrap, is released via Angel Air on 28 February 2020.  The album features a set of melodic yet touching and profound songs that were created by Gordon to celebrate some remarkable individuals. On the one hand utterly personal, and yet on the other universal in theme, this is a collection inspired by respect, devotion and of course love itself.

As Gordon himself says, “Throughout history women have played a major part in shaping civilisation as we know it, from Joan of Arc to Boudicca, Florence Nightingale to Emily Pankhurst, and those brave women who gave their lives willingly in both world wars, fighting for peace and democracy. During my life it has been a privilege to have met some extraordinary women who are featured on this compilation. The most significant and important one to me is my wife Hilary, whose image appears on this CD cover.

“Eight of the tunes on this album were commissioned by husbands as tokens of love for their wives. ‘Simply Margaret’ was commissioned by Hilary’s cousin. The remaining five were pieces I felt moved to write for personal reasons. Sadly, two of the woman I wrote melodies for are no longer with us.”

Over the past forty years, Gordon Giltrap has graced the music business with his dedication to his craft and his affection for his audience. Over the years, Gordon has worked with an amazingly broad range of artists, from rock musicians such as Brian May, Rick Wakeman and Midge Ure to the jazz virtuoso Martin Taylor, the classical guitarist Raymond Burley and the London Symphony Orchestra. He features on the track ‘She Rocked My World’ on the latest album from The Who. He released his debut album in 1968 and his music has earned him an Ivor Novello nomination, featured in Cliff Richard’s ‘Heathcliff’ musical and been used as the theme tune for the BBC’s ‘Holiday’ programme.  He was appointed MBE in the 2019 Honours List.

As one of the UK’s most respected guitarists, with his own signature range through the JHS company, he has consistently proved the adage that respect cannot be bought. It must be earned, time and again. ‘Woman’ does exactly that.


1. One For Billie  2. The Anna Fantasia  3. Em’s Tune  4. Simply Margaret  5. Kaz  6. Sadie in May  7. Fiona’s Smile  8. Paula’s Passion  9. Prayer For Phillippa  10. Rachel’s Reflections 11. Loren  12. The Stars Look Down on Linda  13. Maddie Goes West  14. Ania’s Dream

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