‘Not the F*cking Game Show’ is the upcoming EP from British indie rockers THE CHASE due for release on May 6 via Golden Robot Records, and is available for pre-order/add/save now.
‘Not the F*cking Game Show’ is a light-hearted title that pokes fun at the band often hearing the words “Oh, like the game show?” after introducing themselves. The EP itself is a 6-track journey through the mind of songwriter/frontman Tyler Heaney. With a touch of social commentary, it combines the band’s experiences as they manoeuvre through the trials and tribulations of life.
The EP has already seen the release of two singles in the lead up, ‘I’m The Man’ and ‘Set the World to Rights’ which have established THE CHASE as one of the hottest new acts in the UK.

“If my mind was a TV and you were flicking through the channels, each track on this EP would be a different TV show. From drama to comedy to biopic, it’s an anthology of what it’s like navigating through your 20s” – Tyler

“Not the F*cking Game Show is a snapshot of the band throughout the turbulent ups and downs of the last few years. It’s an insight to us as people and the band’s personality is imprinted on every song from start to finish” – James
1. Black Cloud
2. I’m the Man
3. Live to Die
4. Set the World to Rights
5. La La La
6. In the Queue
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01.05.2022 – Glasgow – Stag & Dagger Festival
06.05.2022 – Blackburn – Electric Church
07.05.2022 – Sheffield – Record Junkee
12.05.2022 – Birmingham – The Rainbow
13.05.2022 – Manchester – Night People 
14.05.2022 – Liverpool – Jacaranda

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