Barmy live album out now

Stream Terminal Cheesecake’s Cheese Brain Fondue: Live in Marseille.

New live album released last week through Artificial Head Records

Listen and share the new album in full here:

Terminal Cheesecake:

Gordon Watson (Guitar)
Russell Smith (Guitar)
John Jobaggy (Drums, Samples)
Neil Francis (Vocals, Effects)
Dave Cochrane (Bass)

Artificial Head Records is a record and tape label based in Houston, TX.  The label was founded in 2009 by members of the experimental punk band, Right Speaker Heavy, and started out releasing music by Space City Gamelan, Rusted Shut, Right Speaker Heavy and Future Blondes. It later evolved into releasing “legit” vinyl and tape releases by the post punk band, Art Institute, the drunken garage rock of The Escatones and a split 7″ by Giant Battle Monster & Ken South Rock. The label couples (mostly) Houston area bands with original artwork by Internationally renown artists such as Savage Pencil, Doug Mac, Sean Aaberg, Raymond Pettibon, Jeff Lamm, and Raymond Ahn