With the release of their highly anticipated new and seventh album Through Shaded Woods, only days away Lunatic Soul have released a new track and video, for “The Fountain”.


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“The Fountain” is the final track of “Through Shaded Woods” and it’s the last music phrase, played on the piano, repeating the sounds which you hear in the opening track, “Navvie”, which creates an interesting framing device. Lyrically this song talks about breaking free from darkness and going through to the bright side, I really feel it’s definitely a strong point in the new “Through Shaded Woods”. Mariusz Duda.

On album number seven Mariusz Duda, the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and mastermind behind Lunatic Soul is extending his musical explorations to include dark Scandinavian and Slavic folk referencing bands like Heilung or Wardruna. Following the heavily electronic sound of previous albums Fractured and Under the Fragmented SkyThrough Shaded Woods is completely devoid of electronics and is the first album in Duda’s discography, on which he plays all instruments. It was from his childhood home in Poland, an area known for its nature and woodlands that Mariusz found his inspiration for Through Shaded Woods.

Duda has put aside the personal darkness that inspired his previous albums, allowing more optimistic elements shine through in his music. The album becoming musically “brighter” as it progresses – from the atmospheric introduction of “Navvie” through to the title track, which leads the listener to a melodious, trance like “Oblivion”, echoing the style of Dead Can Dance.

Through Shaded Woods will be released on CD; 2 CD featuring a bonus disc of 3 additional tracks including a 26-minute suite called “Transition 2;  black vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve and digitally and is available to pre-order HERE  (

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