Straight outta Croatia via the gates of hell

War Atrocities is a solo project existing since 2011, handled by Wastelander (guitars & vocals) and hailing from Croatia. Style can be described as black/thrash metal with speed/crust influences, accompanied by evil/death/war related lyrical themes. Session member Nesveti Alkar(roughly translated into Unholy Horseman) plays and records bass guitar since 2014, but various other musicians jump in from time to time. Demo “Intoxicated Madness” released on tape in 2014. EP “Necromantical Legions” 2015. Split “Struck by Warwhip” (w/ Whipstriker) 2016.

Wastelander: Six string harp of doom & invocator of devil’s curses
Nesveti Alkar: Skull scraping four string axe