Featured Band: Spitfire


With their new album out tomorrow, what better time to look at the pure rock n roll of Spitfire

One lonesome road, a faded road sign, an menacing glow lies over the skyline at the horizon.

“Just follow the road and you’ll reach the gates of hell!”

On their second record the three guys of SpitFire are taking the listener to the grim corners of Bone City.

Somewhere between easy girls, tough guys, unarmored heroes and the queen of the night the album drags you through the sinister streets and dirty alleys of a once thriving metropolis.

Long gone are the times of blooming casinos and glittering high class hotels.

Wealth, glory and glamour have been replaced by the search for a better home…

Grown musically as well as lyrically, but never the less uncompromising this opus pulls you deep inside the stories, fate and intrigues of Bone City, but not without leaving some space for your own imagination.

Once again, Punk Rock, Metal, Rockabilly and Southern Rock mix into the characteristic Heavy Rock ‘n’Roll of SpitFire. 13 brand new songs, sometimes taking a look back to past days but always staying in the style and sound of the year 2015 will leave you with a ringing inside your head!

Doing, whatever comes to mind and straight from the heart. This credo was the driving force behind Dick Dropkick, Johnny Jailbreak and Nikk Nitro whilst bringing this album to live by summoning the primal spirit of Rock’n’Roll.

Loud. Wild. Dangerous.

So let’s go full steam ahead and: Welcome to Bone City!


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