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Fast rising two piece from Norway

Shadow Hunters are a two-piece brotherhood of rock hailing from the south west coast of Norway. Formed in 2013 and having self-produced all of their material to date, the band are currently gearing up to release their debut album, A V A T A R on the 8th July.

Shadow Hunters describe themselves as “Modern Energetic Sci-Fi Rock”, and this isn’t a wholly inappropriate description. In their songs, Shadow Hunters manage to merge captivating and symphonic new-grave-meets goth rock instrumentation with powerful, anthemic vocals and visceral, metal-infused guitar riffs. This combination of varying stylistic sonic elements has allowed Shadow Hunters to incarnate their music with transfiguring elevation and brooding dynamics…

Even on their slower tracks like ‘Cosmodrone’ (inspired by about time travel, E=mc2 and other mind twisting incidents and theories) they are constantly threatening to explode again at any moment and in this way, their enthralling blend of turbulence and tranquillity call to mind the sounds of bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars, but with a more raw, heavier edge.

Tracks like the almost Bring Me To Horizon-esque, “Into Tomorrow’s Yesterday” are a result of inspirational combinations from atmospheric settings and moods, such as epic movies, games and music and lead track ‘Winther’ is about the melancholic romance of the season, inspired by ice and cold weather combined with blistering moon light. ‘I’, however, is just a plain rock song, heavily inspired by (according to the band) “the best Foo Fighters song ever made, ‘Everlong’”

Shadow Hunters have been biding their time to ensure every track is crafted with meticulous precision, and it shows. As an introduction to the band, the album is as consummate as it is divergent, and is the perfect example of the bands passion and fervour. Shadow Hunters have created a debut which is incredibly accomplished, and clearly demonstrates their eagerness to evolve and develop.

Shadow Hunters are:

– Ingar LH – Drums
– Will S – Guitar/Vocals

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