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Aussie death metal band have just released a new one

Founded in early 2013 by two former members of Malignant Monster, drummer Ben Stanley and guitarist Century along with guitarist Mikey Hart, Sanzu is new death-metal band from Perth, Western Australia merging the raw ferocity of Morbid Angel with the powerful dynamics of someone like Gojira.
With the line-up completed by Zachary Andrews on vocals and Fatima Curley on bass, the group quickly started gigging in their local scene and testing new material along the way.
In 2014 the group entered G1 Productions studios to record a five-song EP with producer George Lever, which is now ready to be unleashed.
“Painless” is nothing short of a jaw-dropping release, fusing together the unbridled fury and aggression of old-school death-metal with the powerful groove and technicality of modern metal.
With their debut full-length album already in the works and scheduled for release later this year, which according to them will follow the vein of “Painless” but more developed, we can definitely expect greater things from this promising young band.

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