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 Californian one man black metal force

Phobous was created in spring 2000 in Campbell, California by frontman Donald Schieck (pronounced ‘SHEEK’), but was only an abstract concept at this time. It wasn’t until early 2002 that the project took a distinct sound and style, a melodic death/symphonic black metal fusion.

A demo recording of early experimental songs began that summer, but was deemed hasty and uninspired. The recording was thus abandoned in summer 2003. The one-man band then went on an extended hiatus, but was revived in early 2005 after much-honed songwriting and technical know-how. Amid other commitments, official recording began the following year, ultimately resulting in the rough but steady completion of the debut album “Ethereal Perception” in fall 2010. Samples from the album, then the album in full, were posted online in July 2011.

Though it gained some noteworthy attention, a lack of funding and time prevented the debut album from gaining much notice. After various life changes and accomplishment, the second album “Realm of Disorder” commenced its recordings in December 2013, concluding in early 2015.


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