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Everything you need to know about the reunited Death Metallers

PESSIMIST re-united in 2014, returning to the stage with a headlining slot at Las Vegas Deathfest 666. The current lineup includes founding members Guitarist Kelly McLauchlin (Diabolic, Unholy Ghost, Possessed) and Drummer Chris Pernia (Psychotogen) plus Bassist Kelly Conlon (Monstrosity, Death), Guitarist William Hayden (Fear of God), and Vocalist Ivan “The Evil One” (Black Mass). The band is currently writing their next CD, “Keys to the Underworld”.

Originally formed in Baltimore, MD 1993, PESSIMIST quickly made a name playing live shows in the MD/DC/VA area, opening for bands such as Deicide, Suffocation, and Incantation. After releasing their self-produced “Absence of Light” Demo/EP in 1995, PESSIMIST signed to Lost Disciple Records and released two CDs, “Cult of the Initiated” (1997) and “Blood for the Gods” (1999), which soared into the Top 20 CMJ Loud Rock Charts and received the coveted “Pick of the Issue… 10 Fucking Skulls!” in SOD Magazine.

PESSIMIST went on to appear at several major US fests: Milwaukee Metalfest (98,99,01) NJ “March Metal Meltdown” (2000-02), New England Hardcore and Metal Fest (1999-02), and the “November to Dismember” Metalfests in TX, and CA – and completed their first European tour in 1999. More shows soon followed, opening for Cannibal Corpse, Testament, Nile, Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel, and Immolation.

In 2001, after several lineup changes, PESSIMIST recorded their 3rd CD, “Slaughtering the Faithful”.

The band split for several years afterwards, while PESSIMIST founder/ guitarist Kelly McLauchlin went on to tour and record with such notable acts as Diabolic, Angelcorpse, and the legendary Possessed.

Some years later, the band has acquired the rights to their original master recordings, and has signed with Obscure Musick to re-release these 3 classic PESSIMIST albums, “Cult of the Initiated”, “Blood For the Gods”, and “Slaughtering the Faithful”.





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