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Riffery from Canada, album out soon.

It was 2012 in the dark wilderness of Vancouver, British Columbia where lost youths teemed in search of the true power of rock; three men chosen by occult forces too sinister to name rose up in answer to that dire and baleful call. LA CHINGA was born!

With their electric black magic unleashed and in full flight, they bonded with the children of the forest over Cro-Magnon riffery, pounding drums, banshee wails, bell bottoms, boogie vans and the sweet miracle of tequila. Through sheer stupidity, brutality, violence and volume they honed their primordial craft into a sonic axe of stone, opening skulls with deadly precision for as far as the pterodactyl flew. They would meet regularly, when the moon was full, filling their bellies with intoxicating wild berries, their faces wet with lizard blood as they summoned an unholy frenzy of orgiastic riffage, bashing out pagan odes to long forgotten Bronze Age deities.

Through their music the LA CHINGA collective traveled back in time to year UR, where they became wild and their manes grew shaggier. And through this transmogrification their vision became clear, the seas of bullshit parted before them and they were free to shuffle off the chains of modern society and raise a stubby and musk-tinged middle finger to the craven new world.

Their name became their war cry: LA CHINGA! Their mission: to vanquish all foes. A righteous weapon in the battle against mediocrity, their first album arrived from the ether in 2013 under their own banner and 2016 brings the second wave of their attack — Freewheelin’!
Recorded and produced by drummer Jay Solyom in his home studio with “K. I .W.” and “Right On” captured by Eric Neilson and mastered by Chris Goosman (Acid King, Dixie Witch, Solace, Sasquatch et al), the ten-track Freewheelin’ will see release via Small Stone Recordings on March 25th on CD, digitally and limited vinyl with preorders available at THIS LOCATION.

Said The Obelisk in an advance investigation of the record, “the forty-four-minute Freewheelin’ gets off to a raucous start and offers little by way of letup between ‘Gone Gypsy’ and the ten-minute closer ‘The Dawn Of Man,’ their boozy intention writ large over each motion-minded cut between as bassist/vocalist Carl Spackler, guitarist/backing vocalist Ben Yardley (also theremin, mandolin and lead vocals on ‘Faded Angel’) and drummer/engineer Jason Solyom build furious classic-rock-gone-modern momentum across the crisp side A salvo of ‘Gone Gypsy,’ ‘Mother Of All Snakeheads,’ ‘White Witchy Black Magic’ and ‘Stoned Grease White Lightnin,’’ the latter two titles of which feel drawn from a stoner rock name randomizer, but which provide landmark choruses whose impressions resonate through the end of the record and beyond. At the start of the record, ‘Gone Gypsy’ seems particularly to be gunning directly for latter-day Sasquatch‘s ’70s-via-’90s crown, but LA CHINGAexpand from there even as they head into the sprint of “Mother Of All Snakeheads,” the start and central shuffle of which could just as easily have been born out of a Radio Moscow jam.”

Expect conquests across North America and Europe as LA CHINGAascends to new heights of rock and roll supremacy, distorting minds and guitars alike as they once more hand-deliver audiences their own collective ass.
Further LA CHINGA info, including additional track teasers, to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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