Featured Band: Elarmir


Italian band with lofty ambitions

In August 2010  Elarmir formed, a study project of metal music and classical music for film..

The purpose was to join visual and musical art without following a business line but just their own men.

The two founders are Alex Trotto and Eleonora Buono, the only members of the project at first. Between the end of the 2010 and the begin of the 2011 a demo called Elarmir, composed by 6 tracks of which 3 metal and 3 for film, but with time project develops fully to metal focused to the use of the chorus and the orchestrations.

Between the end of the 2011 and the begin of the 2012 record the ep “Towards The End”. The two founders realised they could reach higher levels with complete line up.

Between 2012 and 2013 the band Elarmir suffers changes of style and line up, the only constant was the presence of Alex and Eleonora. The project went on hiatus for one year and goes out again in 2014 with the coming out of 2 videos of the track “Human Wisdom” And “False Myths”.

In the same year loose fixed position in the Elarmir Daniele Amador at the guitar and Luca Zamberti at the drums. The style has sharply moved on death metal with progressive influences, black, jazz, groove and classic.




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