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Meet the London band with the intriguing story

The band “Black Market Aftermath” sprouted from the mind of Francesco D’Andrea, professional Film and TV Composer in the daytime, guitarist and songwriter at night, and his collaboration with Walter Marini, exceptional singer, songwriter and ex roadie.

Before founding his current project with Black Market Aftermath, Francesco D’Andrea has worked on TV series, promo music and movie soundtracks through which his music has been featured in many award winning shows and movies, such as “Dr. House”, “The Big Bang Theory,” “Mad Men”, “Spaghetti Story”, “Glee”, “How I Met Your Mother” and many more.

PK-Walter-Marini PK-Francesco-DAndrea

Walter and Francesco met for the first time in 2009 in Rome, playing in pubs and small venues, and then decided to work together to craft their first rock album. Besides the distance that separates the two at the moment, they funded the Black Market Aftermath, and started to work remotely, using internet to shrink in some way the distance that separates them.

“Come Naked” is largely based on a body of works (recordings and lyrics) that Francesco had produced in the last year, and featuring the amazing vocals of Walter Marini together with one song written by himself.

Francesco started recording anything that came into his mind, in his home studio and in complete freedom, and then selected some ideas to be sent to Walter. During the whole production process, they only met for one week, to record the vocals together in Rome. Francesco played and recorded all the instruments alone in his home recording room, and many of the tools, instruments and gear were purchased especially to make “Come Naked” possible. The result of many months of free experimentation is a blend of influences that are not commonly seen together in a rock album, and yet feel like different stains on a same picture.

“Come Naked” is an album that reflects the previous work experiences of Francesco as a music Composer for pictures, and where different music genres and influences are used to tell different nuances of the same story.

Black Market Aftermath are the result of the pure joy to make music, with the mind unleashed from strict categories, and yet a deep love for classic rock as a constant. The band has just finished his first album, and is now looking to expand their lineup, and to begin their first tour.

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