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Lebanese band with an album out this week 

BLAAKYUM‘s sound is a unique blend of Thrash, Heavy and Groove Metal infused with Middle Eastern and Levantine folk music vibes. The band are the pioneers of “Middle Eastern Thrash” and they not only make Thrash Metal sound oriental but also make Middle Eastern musical elements sound Thrashy. The song “Freedom Denied” samples Middle Eastern folklore music and uses oriental percussions (tabla) as another Thrash Metal instrument. This unique Thrashy tabla sound is also in the title track “The Line Of Fear” as well as on the genre-defying “Baal-Adon


Bassem Deaibess – vocals, guitars
Rabih Deaibess – lead guitars
Pierre Le Port – bass
Hassan Kheder – drums

BLAAKYUM are right now on the “Line Of Fear” tour that kicked off in Dubai with a headlining show on June 3rd and that will take the band to perform at Tuska Open Air Festival, on July 1st, followed by a 16-day tour in support of Onslaught across Europe.

BLAAKYUM won last year’s Wacken Open Air Metal Battle in third place worldwide, cementing the reputation of the band from a small country in a turbulent region that has defied all odds to live and breathe Heavy Metal.


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