There aint no rest for the wicked. After the release of two captivating singles, and a number of recent live shows in France and Benelux, HANGMAN’S CHAIR take a breath today to share some exciting news.

February 11th will see the birth of another bright star in their discography, their new album “A Loner” will be released via Nuclear Blast Records.

‘A Loner’ is the sixth album of the Parisienne quartet that stands confidently between the wistful sound of goth rock pioneers à la SISTERS OF MERCY, the emotive weight of grunge icons ALICE IN CHAINS and impassioned storytelling of New York hardcore outliers LIFE OF AGONY. It’s a unique combination that makes HANGMAN’s CHAIR stand out as a truly promising prospect in the French metal scene and beyond.
Preorder your copy of ‘A Loner’ here:

That’s not all, having played a mesmerizing show at this year’s at-home edition of the legendary HELLFEST, HANGMAN’s CHAIR are also releasing a live video for ‘An Ode To Breakdown’, heralding the new album with it’s monumental intensity. Check out ‘An Ode To Breakdown’ here:

The band states about ‘An Ode To Breakdown’:
“‘An Ode To Breakdown’ was clearly meant to be the first song of our new album ‘A Loner’. Our new direction, especially sound wise, is perfectly represented by this track.
The cover is also a new direction for us, in contrast of the lyrics, light was chosen. White and neons as the new outfit. We asked the photographer Christopher De Bethune and the illustrator Dehn Sora to tell us what Loneliness means to them. An old man, a bench and the world around. Waiting for nothing.”

Tracklist for “A Loner”:
1. An Ode To Breakdown
2. Cold & Distant
3. Who Wants To Die Old
4. Storm Resounds
5. Supreme
6. The Pariah And The Plague
7. Loner
8. Second Wind
9. A Thousand Miles Away

“Cold & Distant”: https://youtu.be/5_Dtd49M4o0
“Loner”: https://youtu.be/AKHuh134pyQ


02/12 – Bruxelles (BE) – Le Botanique
09/12 – Lyon (FR) – Rock N Beat
10/12 – Audincourt (FR) – Le Moloco

11/02 – Issy les Moulineaux (FR) – Le Réacteur 
12/02 – Chelles (FR) – Les Cuizines
16/02 – Strasbourg (FR) – La Laiterie (w/ ALCEST)
17/02 – Hamburg (DE) – Gruenspan (w/ ALCEST)
18/02 – Leeuwarden (NL) – Neushoorn (w/ ALCEST)
20/02 – Göteborg (SE) – Pustervik (w/ ALCEST)
21/02 – Oslo (NO) – Vulkan Arena (w/ ALCEST)
22/02 – Stockholm (SE) – Berns (w/ ALCEST)

14/03 – Rennes (FR) – L’Étage (w/ ALCEST)
15/03 – Toulouse (FR) – Le Rex (w/ ALCEST)
16/03 – Madrid (SP) – Shoko (w/ ALCEST)
17/03 – Barcelona (SP) – Apolo 1 (w/ ALCEST)
18/03 – Montpellier (FR) – Victoire 2 (w/ ALCEST)

07/04 – Bethune (FR) – Le Poche
08/04 – Paris (FR) – Le Trabendo 
09/04 – Metz (FR) – Les Trinitaires 

05/07 – Nantes (FR) – Warm Up Hellfest 

03/06 – Gdansk (PL) – Mystic Festival
23/06 – Clisson (FR) – Hellfest
26/06 – Clisson (FR) – Hellfest (collab with RLHT)

HANGMAN’S CHAIR, formed in 2005 in Paris, are one of the most unique sounding Doom Rock bands currently active. Through the years, they have found and fine-tuned their own sonic brand, somewhere at the crossroads between Type O Negative, Life Of Agony and Sisters of Mercy, to name a few, mixed with a certain street credibility connected to the group’s roots in hardcore. Each album takes its strength and essence from the band members’s life experiences, which they portrait with unflinching honesty. Whether it is the loss of band members, drug overdoses or the hardships of living in suburban Paris, all those human emotions resonate within each of their songs asthey embrace the darkness and transform it into something beautiful, heavy and melancholic.

Julien Chanut – Guitar
Cédric Toufouti – Guitar, Vocals
Mehdi Thepegnier – Drums
Clément Hanvic – Bass