Alt rock solo artist Queen of Uncool has released new single ‘Fine’ and debut EP Love & War.

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The Love & War EP is an alt-rock journal on love, abuse, passion and revenge, written from a place outside of society and delivered with equal parts sentimentality and rage; the latter emotion being spearheaded on new single ‘Fine’, which shoots itself in the neck of fakers and was conceived during a period of homelessness.

Queen of Uncool explains: “‘Fine’ is a big F**k You. It’s a calculated stream of rage, exorcised from me and fired back in the face of a world corrupted with endless deceit and fakery. It’s my reaction to those that smile vacuously during the day and sleep soundly at night despite their vanishing moral consciousness. It’s a song for the voiceless and disenfranchised in a society that increasingly values image over substance and takes pride in popularity and seeing what it can get away with. ‘Fine’ was written during a period of homelessness and reaffirms music as the only safe place I have ever known.”

On the new EP, she continues: “Much of Love & War expresses the anger and desperation felt when you are burnt out on life and there is nothing there to catch you. I have known abuse in many forms, and explore the process of dealing with these experiences in this journey of sound. Picking up my guitar in a quiet, dark place and writing has always helped me to process pain and connect me to how I feel. It’s difficult just waking up each day when you live in full knowledge of the horrors of the world, but cynicism is the flip side of romanticism: you can only give up and give in if you believed in the first place. And I still hold a strong, firm belief in love.”

Despite the absence of long suffering band members, adoring fans or a supportive significant other, Surrey’s uncoolest solo artist has nevertheless been hailed “queen” by director Cameron Crowe and as a “really important artist” by Simon Raymonde of Bella Union.

Artists such as Alice in ChainsHole Smashing Pumpkins provided the alternative music queen with the sonic stamina to spend the past decade performing, producing and writing in the silent, dark recesses of the world, wherever she could find them.

In 2019 the singer-guitarist formed a power trio and spent the year haunting small rock venues such as The Dublin Castle (Camden) in and around London, before recording new EP Love & War. The first single ‘Grim’ hit the airwaves of BBC Radio 6 in Summer 2020 via Tom Robinson, and a mere pandemic later, Love & War has finally been released.

Queen of Uncool was ranked lucky no.13 in “ones to watch” in 2021 by Louder Than War, and for good reason. The uncool trio are ready – bordering on agitated – to take on the live scene as soon as venues allow, and believe there are many more in the shadows who hold a candle for the type of outsider rock that Queen of Uncool can provide. Whether there is an audience out there or not; there will definitely be a spectacle, out of so much darkness, there must surely come a light.

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