Swedish rock band Second Sun release the track “Råtthamn”, the first new music from the band since their 2020 album “Kampen Går Vidare”, and the first release featuring the band’s new drummer Stipen (Dia Psalma, Merciless och Strebers). On the new track, Second Sun mixes melodies inspired by Swedish folk music with classic, timeless rock into what probably is their most monumental creation till this day. “Råtthamn” is an almost 17 minute long rock-epic with Swedish lyrics, on which the main character turns from alienated and envious human into a rat, finding a community amongst the grey and tail-wearing mass. 

The band’s frontman Jakob Ljungberg comments:
“When we started writing, it sort of never ended. Old ideas that had been bouncing around without a connection started to flourish all of a sudden, and when the idea about the human turning into a rat came through, it was as if everything fell into place and the lyrics wrote themselves. We have always been fans of ambitious music – Alice Cooper, Eloy and Voïvod has been the big inspirations for this EP – so the theatrical storytelling, the slightly more pretentious tone and to get to write a veritable colossus of a song felt like natural things to explore.”

“Råtthamn” is out now on all streaming platforms via Gaphals. “Råtthamn” is also released on cassette on Knight Of Diamonds Records. The track is mixed, mastered and partly recorded by Robert Pehrsson in Studio Humbucker. Artwork and design by Adam Zaars. 
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