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Stellar additions to next week’s cast

Doom Over London 2016 – The Sixth Edition is proud to reveal the full line up for the event, taking place this weekend 25th – 27th March, at The Dome in Tufnell Park,  North London.


Syndrome [Belgium]

An experimental project of AmenRa, Syndrome’s long awaited return to the UK could not come soon enough and we are glad to welcome this esteemed artist to the bill. Expect soundscapes, drone, noise and noir.

Treha Sektori [France]

Following on from their Underworld show, we knew this was something we’d like to include and came highly recommended by none other than Colin from AmenRa. Darkest ambience, massively dynamic, moods will be set!

My Silent Wake [UK]

Within the UK underground, My Silent Wake have long laid down the doom and 2016 sees them return to Doom Over London with their own slabs of misery and gloom. Last year’s stunning ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ meant we just had to feature them.

Sinistro [Portugal]

We are super excited to welcome ambient gloomsters Sinistro to the bill, cinematic, melodic, mysterious doom hailing from Lisbon, this is a must see act. Expect to be challenged, lulled and subsequently blown away, just don’t expect to be anything but wowed.

The Wounded Kings [UK]

Having been forced to cancel dates whilst waiting for their 5th album to drop, we saw it fit to ask the band on board at late notice. Having been long-term fans, we know just how MUCH grimness and doom a set would add to an already leaden weight bill. You’ll thank us when you die!


Two albums in, a third on the way, Landskap’s expansive sound harnesses the sound of organ, psychedelic and melodic leanings with the heavy rock that has driven occult rock since the heydays of he 60s and 70s. Close your eyes and be transported by the space, breath and melody.

Conjurer [UK]

Freshly signed to Holy Roar and having been witness to an early show and shot onto several profile support slots, this band is hard to tag down, and for that I am truly glad – post atmospheric sludge anyone? I expect they will make an impression on many, likely blow a few minds on the way.


Super stoked to welcome Canterburys finest to this year’s bill. Low tuned, low slung, dangerously miserable post rock sludgey doom that is completely crushing. We expect them to suitably level the stage and audience. No prisoners.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard [UK]

Fuzzed out, slow, all enveloping, this is the debut London show for these twisted miscreants of stoner sludge from Wrexham. The sounds are LOW on the sonic register, married with sweet seraphim vocals. Only for the most twisted minds, you’ll all love their set!

Hung On Horns [UK]

Formed of current and pat members of Obiat and The Osiris Club , with a debut album due worked on by top knob twiddlers Chris Fielding and James Plotkin, expect post metalesque progressive soundscapes. Having heard the unreleased material, we can firmly rubber stamp it!

Wizard Fight [UK] 

Naming your band after a Weedeater song is fan worship indeed, but this Hastings based act bring their own flavour to their sludge and fuzzy dirges. Expect savage melodies fuelled by psychedelic sludge and you won’t be disappointed.

Gevaudan [UK]

Sailing the line between classic doom and psychedelic hard rock, there is always some serious air moving from their solid, groove driven sound. We expect them to claim several fans with this appearance, yes, we are looking at you Candlemass affieciendos!

Hexe [UK]

 Low key occult soundscapes with mournful vocals, this duo hailing from Brighton brings an atmosphere of mystery and the unknown.

All early bird tickets are sold out, all ticket types are now selling pretty quickly so get in if you wish to come down. Follow the Doom Over London Facebook page for further updates on features we have in store for the weekend, and go to to check details on all bands and the event itself.
Friday day tickets – £22.50
Impaled Nazarene, Undergang, Malthusian, Bathseba, Sardonis, Autumnal and Mourning Beloveth will crush you underfoot. Doors are 3pm.
Saturday day tickets – £29.50
Moonspell, Hooded Menace, Officium Triste, Esoteric, Bossk, Ataraxie, OHHMS, Alunah, Slabdragger, My Silent Wake, Sea Bastard, Eye Of Solitude, Torpor, Wizard Fight, Conjurer, King Goat and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard will steer your journey across all things gloomy.
Sunday day tickets – £29.50
In The Woods, 40 Watt Sun, Swallow The Sun, Sinistro, Black Moth, Syndrome, Coltsblood, Falloch, Treha Sektori, Lord Vicar, Pantheist, Darkher, The Wounded Kings, Hung On Horns, The Death Letter, Mourning Dawn, Landskap and Hexe will complete your journey to the deep.Saturday and Sunday tickets are available priced at £47.50 with full weekend tickets priced at £55. All tickets allow you to buy in your festival shirt, order with your ticket and it’ll be there for you on the day!
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