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Russian black metal band sign new deal

Frozen Ocean have signed a  3 album worldwide deal with exciting new label Apocalyptic Witchcraft.

The label specialises in supporting the unique, the creative, artists with something truly special to offer the music world – and as such is perfect for Frozen Ocean. Each Frozen Ocean release is a unique listening experience, but all drawn together by incredible, immersive atmosphere – be that in the form of the raw black metal of the savage Norse trilogy of albums (Likegyldig Raseri, Vanviddsanger and Natt Over Meg), the beautiful ambience of A Perfect Solitude, the enthralling musical story telling of Trollvinter or the all-enveloping dream of Prills Of Remembrance. There is nothing that can quite compare to Frozen Ocean.

Vaarwel, the man behind the music of Frozen Ocean, had this to say about the deal with Apocalyptic Witchcraft…
“From the very beginning and through all its history, Frozen Ocean was bounced from label to label, never aware of every next release’s fate. Therefore it’s a real relief to know that at least part of its further heritage will be in the hands of conversant and enthusiastic people. Apocalyptic Witchcraft seems to be one of the most suitable places for the versatile music Frozen Ocean makes, so this collaboration will surely be for mutual benefit and pleasure. For sure, this wouldn’t happen without the mediation of Imperative PR who literally made it possible and conducted Frozen Ocean through all this process, so it’s an obligation to honour them for that. And of course, I look forward to seeing The Prowess Of Dormition released – and hope you do too!”


The first results of the collaboration between Frozen Ocean and Apocalyptic Witchcraft will be the stunning four track mini-album The Prowess Of Dormition, which will be unveiled on January 11th. These four tracks of epic, melodic, atmospheric black metal will offer the perfect way for new fans to discover the wonderful, eclectic world of Frozen Ocean and even established followers of this Russian cult will be stunned by what they hear. Coming complete with some superb, evocative cover and booklet art, courtesy of Divine Chaos Art, The Prowess Of Dormition is a complete package that fans of truly creative music will want to own.


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