The jobless rate today is almost certainly higher than at any point since the Great Depression and rising at a speed unmatched in American history. Poverty is here and according to California musician Pi Jacobs, nothing to be ashamed of. Jacobs’ new single “No Sin to Be Poor” is loosely based on her experience of being on government subsidies when she was a kid. Pi says, “Even though some people looked down on my single mom and I, we still managed to be joyful, and we danced, a lot. Everyone can all understand financial difficulties, particularly now! This crisis is making all of us, poorer, lonelier, sick, frightened, or grief stricken. The mission of this video, is simply to show that while we are all suffering,  we can also be resilient, defiant and joyful, because it’s  #NoSin2BPoor!”

With its invocations of a hard-working waitress juggling “three jobs and a couple of babies” and “takin’ no guff from some kid livin’ up on a trust” before “dancin’ in the dollar store,” “No Sin to Be Poor” is a good-natured take on the rent-paying grind.

Pi Jacobs had planned to be on tour this Spring, promoting her new album Two Truths and a Lie, instead she’s minding Safer at Home strictures at home with her husband and her dog. So she decided to invite fans, friends and listeners to contribute to a crowd-sourced DIY video for her joyful new single “No Sin to Be Poor.”

“Since my band have been filming themselves in isolation, we thought it would be fun to open up the project to anyone who wanted to express their current situation. Participants photographed or filmed themselves in their quarantine, doing whatever they were doing, and then shared it on their Social Media with the hashtag #NoSin2BPoor. These posts automatically aggregate onto. where they were then incorporated into our new video.”

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