New track ahead of next week’s album

London psych rock trio Bright Curse release new single ‘Lady Freedom’.

The band also hit the road this May for European Tour

Having played live with the likes of Earthless, Naam, Mars Red Sky and Pentagram at festivals such Glad Stone Fest (France), Up In Smoke Fest (Switzerland) and more recently Desertfest (London), Bright Curse hit the road this month as part of a co-op tour with France’s Space Fisters (see dates below).

Bright Curse:

Romain Daut – Guitars, Vocals
Zacharie Mizzi – Drums
Max Ternebring – Bass

Live Dates:

20 May – El Diablo (w. Space Fisters) – Lille, France
21 May – Le Bocal – Caen, France
22 May – Void (w. Space Fisters) – Bordeaux, France
23 May – Puzzle Pub (w. Space Fisters) – Tours, France
24 May – La Scène Michelet (w. Space Fisters) – Nantes, France
25 May – L’Espace B (w. Space Fisters) – Paris, France
26 May – The Cave – Amsterdam, Netherlands
27 May – The Odonien – Cologne, Germany
28 May – L’Entrepôt – Arlon, Belgium
1 June – Deep Inside –  Dijon, France
2 June – Les Capucins – Lyon, France
3 June – Bistro KA – Karlsruhe, Germany
4 June – Venue TBA – Cologne, Germany
7 June – Kalvingrad, L’Usine – Geneva, Switzerland
8 June – L’Appart Café – Reims, France

Before The Shore by Bright Curse is released on 13th May via HeviSike Records.