Keith Cook recently signed to Riot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) and has now released his new single ‘Never Equate’, available on all digital platforms.

Keith was the guitarist for the protopunk band Debris’, with whom he was included in a history exhibit covering the notable rock and rollers from their home state of Oklahoma.

‘Never Equate’ featuring Dave Foster, a one time member of Nirvana on drums and recorded by legendary grunge producer Steve Fisk, is the first single from Keith Cook’s solo album Rock & Roll Riot. Cook worked in the tradition of two guitars, bass and drums as pioneered by his relative Buddy Holly, with riffs drawing from punk, hardcore, metal & noise. He played through Hagstrom guitars, vintage tube Supro amps (like Led Zeppelin used), Big Muff distorted bass plus a massive Melvins style drum kit. ‘Never Equate’ gives you the unmistakable sound of Pacific Northwest rock music in a stripped down anthemic tune about telling mother**kers to go f**k themselves.

Listen/Buy ‘Never Equate HERE