Parisian power trio Iron Lizards release an action-packed garage rock interpretation of the classic Kiss-track “Cold Gin”. The group released their high octane debut album “Hungry for Action” in 2021, and now they finally return – this time with a Kiss-tribute filled to the brim with raw energy and dirty licks. Iron Lizard’s cover of “Cold Gin” is featured on the compilation album “Ssik Action! A High Energy Tribute To The Hottest Band In The World”, which will be released on vinyl through Argentinian label Devil’s Beat Records in April 2023. The single is available on all digital platforms via Swedish label The Sign Records, who also released “Hungry for Action” in 2021.

Elio from Iron Lizards’ on the cover:

When I asked the other members of the band what Kiss means to them, they told me they don’t really care about Kiss, they just want to be on the compilation to get some chicks! haha, more seriously -I discovered Kiss a while ago, with a metalhead friend who knew I really dig 70s hard rock. He told me, you should check ‘em out, you’ll really dig it.

I was thinking, no I don’t think so, I only knew «I was made for lovin’ you» and only saw a couple of pictures of them on sheet music guitar books and stuff… He gave me the 2CDs, greatest hits compilation, and told me to check out the 1st one with the first albums. I was literally blown away, It was love at first sight! I remember that songs like «Deuce», «Strutter», «Cold Gin», «She» among others really made an impact on me that time. Since then I bought all the 6 first albums on LP and I listen to them regularly, especially the first 3 albums. It’s no surprise we did a cover of «Cold Gin», really love that song, since the first time I checked them out!

For this cover, we speed it a bit and added a Stooges/Motörhead vibe to it. I also added guitar solos to make it even more fun to listen to!

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