Chaos In The Mist


Finish Occult band release their debut album for Candlelight next week

Saturnian Mist is an occult metal band from Tampere, Finland. The band was founded in 2006 by vocalist-songwriter fra. Zetekh and guitarist fra. Chaoswind at Kuopio, in Finland as a studio project and worked in the beginning only with local session musicians. Their first release was a self-titled demo (2008) released by cult French label Drakkar Productions.

The bands style evolved from the traditional Finnish black metal sound towards more harsh, death metal influenced black metal with the follow up release Repellings (EP, 2009). The same year Saturnian Mist started performing live concerts, executed with great success in Sathanas In Gloriam Festivals at Rotterdam, Netherlands and Black Sunrise Festivals at St. Petersburg, Russia. Saturnian Mist became quickly known for their exceptionally powerful and energetic live appearances filled with chaos, mysticism and deranged religious ecstasy. In 2009 fra. Ptahaz joined the band and became one of the creative forces behind Saturnian Mist.

Established around cabalistic idea of esoteric cults together with deeply occult, philosophical and satanic themes, Saturnian Mists debut album Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan (2011) was released by Finnish underground black metal label Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions. Even being a release from an underground label, the album got a lot of attention because of Saturnian Mists style – which was defying the boundaries of death and black metal while having influences coming from the areas of heavy metal, thrash metal and even hardcore punk. After the debuts release Saturnian Mist played a lot of live gigs, sharing the stage with bands like Necros Christos, Ofermod, Antaeus, Mgla and Archgoat.

In 2014, demo recordings of the new material led into a record deal with Candlelight Records. The recordings of the bands second album titled Chaos Magick began in the spring 2014 at Blackvox Studio owned by fratres Zetekh and Ptahaz.


01. 612
02. The Heart Of Shiva
03. The True Law
04. Root Of The Coiled Serpent
05. Chaos Unchained
06. Third Eye Contemplation
07. Bloodsoaked Chakrament
08. Chaos Magick
09. Voodoo Satan
10. Martial Theosis
11. Evoiking God
12. White Void Of All-Being
13. Yoga, Hate, Fuck

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