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This album is certainly the darkest album I’ve ever recorded”, states BLOODY HAMMERS mastermind Anders Manga, who stays on the dark path to the nether world and opens the seven gates with Lovely Sort Of Death. Today BLOODY HAMMERS are pleased to debut their new video for “Bloodletting on the Kiss”.  Check out the video.

“The song intro has been the background music for the popular horror podcast ‘Pseudopod’ for some time now. For the ‘Lovely Sort of Death’ album I put some guitar and finishing touches on it. It’s never been released by a top label like Napalm so I’m really looking forward to hearing it on vinyl because it’s one of my favorite songs,” says front man Anders Manga.


“For the video we rented a castle in the middle of nowhere. There was so much weirdness involved in the shoot, that I’m quite sure the owners would be appalled if they were to happen upon the video,” adds Devalia.


Lovely Sort Of Death will be released on August 5th via Napalm Records and is available for pre-order HERE.

BLOODY HAMMERS are a duo who hail from the mountains of Transylvania County, NC. The project and first self-titled release was originally formed as a studio only project with vocalist/songwriter, Anders Manga producing and recording all instruments

Soon Anders decided to take the project from the studio to a real band by recruiting his wife Devallia to play keyboards and other local musicians for live shows.

In late 2013 Anders was approached by one of Europe’s largest rock and metal labels, Napalm Records. In 2014 Napalm released BLOODY HAMMERS’ third official album titled Under Satan’s Sun.

Through the snowy winter of 2015, Anders began writing again, but this time took a much darker and atmospheric direction.

For the first time he added thick Moog sounds along with his normal fuzzed-out guitar, with more atmospheric keys provided by Devallia. They emerged from the winter with Lovely Sort of Death, their darkest album yet.

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