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Epic death/black metallers BLEEDING GODS release their new album Dodekathlon today via Nuclear Blast!

The epic concept album is comprised of twelve tracks, which each represent the twelve labours of Hercules under the rule of his cousin and king, Eurystheus. He was tasked with performing these labours for twelve years as a penance for his terrible actions and in return, he was rewarded with immortality. Each of the tracks on the album tells a part of this story. The band have been rolling out a series of track by track trailers to promote the album and today sees the release of the final trailer. Watch as guitarist Ramon Ploeg sheds some light on the background stories and Greek myths behind the last four tracks on the album:

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Dodekathlon tracklist:

01. Bloodguilt (Nemean Lion)
02. Multiple Decapitation (Lernaean Hydra)
03. Beloved by Artemis (Ceryneian Hind)
04. From Feast To Beast (Erymanthian Boar)
05. Inhuman Humiliation (Augean Stables)
06. Birds Of Hate (Stymphalian Birds)
07. Saviour Of Crete (Cretan Bull)
08. Tyrannical Blood (Mares Of Diomedes)
09. Seeds Of Distrust (Belt Of Hippolyta)
10. Tripled Anger (Cattle Of Geryon)
11. Hera’s Orchard (Apples Of The Hesperides)
12. Hound Of Hell (Cerberus)

The album was recorded at Pitch Note Productions and Hal 5 Studio; mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio. The cover artwork was created by Dimitris Tzortzis from Immensa Artis.

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