I have to say that I like The Asylum, it`s a place where the staff and security are always friendly and welcoming and has rehearsal studios so is a kind of musician`s venue with a large room and a much more intimate room. Tonight`s gig was in the more cozy room and was packed to the gills. It`s nearly a decade since I last saw Black Spiders and they arrive tonight with a new album “Can`t Die, Won`t Die” due out in May. 

The lights dim as the theme tune from the final duel scene from the film “A Few Dollars More!” is piped through the pa as this quintet snake their way through this packed crowd to reach the stage. The delightfully heavy `Fly In The Soup` eases us into what will be a fairly blistering hour of what the band themselves describe as a mix of heavy metal, punk and stoner rock. It`s not long into the set before the band share a couple of tracks off the forthcoming album with the churning and weighty `A Rat Is A Rat` and driving `Hot Wheels` with its rumbling bassline. In between we enjoy the more doom laden `Death Comes Creepin`. 

The set progresses with tracks such as the edgy `Give Em What They Want`, growling and grumbling  `Blood Of The Kings` but for me it was `Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard` that took us all off on a kind of spellbinding psychedelic trip. `Stay Down` sends the faithful into a frenzy with it`s “Fuck You and this one horse town “ and fingers are raised with the mandatory “Fuck You Black Spiders” screamed at  and with the band. 

The show closes out with the Motörheadish speed ball of `Teenage Knife Gang` before the amusing but scorching `What Good`s a Rock Without A Roll?` sends us all off into this bitterly cold night with a warm glow inside and a smile on our faces. Job done. The fellas have another few shows over next weekend and a few festival appearances but I’m sure it won`t be too long before they`re back to share a more in depth appraisal of the forthcoming new release. 

Therefore, we all have something to look forward to, so for now  “Fuck You Black Spiders!!!”     

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