Bang Bang Firecracker have amassed a sound that packs pulsating rock riffs with enticing vocal lines resulting in an onslaught of anthemic tracks, brimming with attitude!

The first of a three EP collection, Bang Bang Firecracker’s latest release See Evil, is out NOW and defies categorization whilst delivering the barrage of riffage we’ve come to expect from their stellar guitar work, these latest three tracks reflect the band’s unflinchingly heavy progression.

Bang Bang Firecracker make a statement about where they draw some of the bands musical influences by pulling the darkness and dissonance out of thrash metal and translating it into their own pulsating style of NWOCR.

Fans of Motorhead and AC/DC will appreciate the confrontational expression and unrelenting pace of Bang Bang Firecracker’s vigour, with a nod to the guitar-heavy attitude that is synonymous with bands like The Dead Daisies.
Part 1 See Evil, promises a sound that is most definitely up another level.
Opening track Unleash The Devil is a menacing 7-minute monster, showcasing a dark tonality that resonates with black metal and was the catalyst to expedite the release of this three-track EP. Blending genres further, G.F.Y is a riff-heavy anthemic beast that has full-blown audience participation value. Closing the EP is Chase The Wasted, a pounding rocker with a bombardment of guitars and vocal arrangement. Which all tolled, raises the bar for parts two and three, of this much-anticipated second album.

Unleash The Devil
Chase The Wasted

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