Bewdleys “Music in the Hall” series is a familiar staging post for visiting American artists. Its reputation for delivering high quality, but different, artists has been growing consistently over the last four years. Their next presentation on Friday July 5th brings another very alternative artist from San Diego. EVE SELIS is a singer with a difference. A mother of four children, her songs and her life reflect tragedy as well as happiness. Eve has created Patreon, a site where her fans and fellow musicians can work with her in trying to make a difference in the world.

 Expect “a night of passionate music, an acute explosion of Americana, wailing and twanging and thundering and throbbing, conjuring angels and demons alike because this woman can sing” (Buddy Blue, Blue Notes)

Eve Selis has a solid history in music, with her latest album “See Me With Your Heart” her ninth release.  In the words of radio legend ‘Whisperin’ Bob Harris “Eve is a deeply creative, caring artist who gives everything to her craft. As a live performer she is awesomely powerful, as a recording artist she is both sensitive and strong. I love her spirit and I love her music. She deserves to shine.” From her personal tragedies of husband Tom’s brain cancer diagnosis, her brother Dan’s Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis and the tragic death of her brother Pete, Eve has created Healing Hearts, a unique musical event to help others dealing with their grief.

Eve says “I’ve been a singer as long as I can remember. It’s really all I know. But my love of singing has become even more meaningful to me over the years as I experience the two-way, healing power of music. I feel it every time I support a cause that is important to me or see someone in the audience experience the comfort of a lyric or the joy of a guitar solo. But the connection we share transcends even the songs themselves. More and more I’m learning that hardship, grief and tragedy make music not just an occupation or a diversion- but a necessity. Sharing music is as essential as food and water to me.”

As always at Music in the Hall, there will be support from a Youth Act and local artist. Tickets £12 on-line at or in Hall Café, with doors opening at 7.30pm

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