Frontiers Music srl is pleased to announce the signing of Simulacrum, an exciting progressive metal act from Finland.
The roots of Simulacrum go as far back as 1999 when keyboard player Christian ‘Chrism’ Pulkkinen began writing his first batch of songs that years later would end up on the band’s 2012 debut album, ‘The Master and the Simulacrum’. This was followed three years later by the band’s second effort, ‘Sky Divided’, a concept piece based on a ‘War Of The Worlds’ scenario with an alien race attacking earth for its resources. The record was a big evolutionary step for the band and saw straightforward power and thrash metal tunes combined with ten minute epics that paid homage to the prog giants of the
past. It received praise in the metal press and proved they were becoming a force to reckon with.
The band subsequently changed drummers and also enlisted a second lead vocalist in Erik Kraemer. His tone varies enough to that of co-lead singer Niklas Broman and also has the range required to sing what are often complex vocal lines, making for a perfect combination between the two.
The band’s as yet untitled third album is currently in the works and will be released by Frontiers.
“Frontiers has always been the top label for us to sign to and we are very happy at this point of our career to have found such a great partner in crime,” states Pulkkinen. “With a large record company in our corner that believes in what we do, we can continue to produce high quality music we all love: strong harmonies and melodies without letting the listener off too easy. As a band, we strive to make music that compels the listener long after a first spin of an album. The new one we are working on will
be hard hitting melodic progressive metal that pays homage to the great vintage prog bands we all love, but without forgetting to blend in the best elements that modern bands are offering. You will find the influence of bands such as Dream Theater, Kansas, Symphony X, ELP, Periphery and Haken, but our music also has a very strong self-identity and most of all sounds like Simulacrum. We can’t wait to release the new album and we are delighted to do it in collaboration with Frontiers!”
Songs from previous Simulacrum releases can be heard here:
‘Embrace The Animal Within’ (features old lineup):
‘Sky Divided’ (live, 2017):
Christian ‘Chrism’ Pulkkinen – keyboards
Nicholas ‘Solomon’ Pulkkinen – guitar
Petri Mäkilä – guitar
Niklas Broman – vocals
Erik Kraemer – vocals
Olli Hakala – bass
Tatu Turunen – drums


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