Originally formed in Moscow and currently based in Berlin, Montezuma’s Revenge are not only a formidable and highly impressive sludge rock machine, they are also one of Eastern Europe’s best kept underground secrets.
Having released a steady stream of music since 2004 and toured Eastern Europe with the likes of Crowbar, Mastodon and Red Fang, the Muscovites 2021 album S.W.I.M., unleashed a slow swirling hammer blow of riffs and transcendental doom. Weighted like pendulum swinging menacingly between celestial rock and relentless stoner metal, it showcased a distinct elaboration of the band’s earlier sound.
New single ‘New You’ is taken from that very album and while written in late 2020, the video is three years in the making, thanks to an epic collaboration and culmination of animation and sound created by a cast of artists. Of course, fast forward to 2023 and the song has taken on an entirely new meaning for all involved following Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. A move that confirmed the band’s decision to leave for new beginnings.
“Back then the horror was not real, it was a mere premonition,” explains guitarist, Ilya Boots. “The clichéd DNA of being a doom band in a doomed land. We couldn’t live there any longer.”

The video for ‘New You’ tells the story of a society rich in technological advancements but low on means due to the rapid depletion of resources on Earth. Placing all their hopes on a mission to Mars with the aim of eventual colonisation, a flight’s perilous journey into a wormhole derails their plans and perceived view of the universe. Pilots fall deeper and deeper into a trip within trip, Gods emerge, and a Captain’s consciousness fails, where hallucinations form and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. “Much like the professor in Ken Russel’s Altered States, our heroes set out in the name of progress but are confronted with brutal archaic forces,” explains Boots.
Taken from the band’s current album S.W.I.M., which you can order here, ‘New You’ is out now on DTH Records.

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