MICKO & THE MELLOTRONICS release their double A side single ‘Noisy Neighbours’/ ‘You Killed My Father’, available via Landline Records now. Order Here or at all good record retailers
Released digitally earlier this year, the two tracks that flank either side of the ‘Noisy Neighbours’ AA single are riotous examples of the lean, spiky guitar-driven sound that has seen the four-piece earn a dedicated base of fans already.
The track ‘Noisy Neighbours’, is given an explosive production fizz by ex-Banshee Jon Klein. Here, frontman Micko Westmoreland delivers a deluge of dark thoughts and strange goings on – possibly imagined, possibly not – all bubbling away behind the closed doors and apparent calm of suburbia.
Taking us inside the track, Micko says: “I used to live in a housing co-op with a number of serial complainers. It never ceased to amaze me the amount of endless energy certain individuals would have for complaint. There was one particular woman nicknamed ‘The Dragon’, her histrionics were noteworthy – rich source material for a budding songsmith.” 
Backed by the intriguingly titled ‘You Killed My Father‘, the track is blessed by the presence of another legend of music: Neil Innes. In what would prove to be one of his very last recording sessions before his passing in 2019, the much-loved songwriter behind the Rutles/Monty Python/Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band offered a final flourish of genius heard on the piano touches and string arrangements here.
Micko & The Mellotronics is the latest project from Micko Westmoreland, whose key role in the cult 90s movie ‘Velvet Goldmine’ continues to gain praise as the film continues to be screened regularly across the globe. Micko’s music, under his own name and as The Bowling Green, has been released by labels as illustrious as Trent Reznor’s Nothing Records, Blue Planet, Spiky and Terry Edwards’ Sartorial stable.
As well-connected in film & TV, as he is in music biz, Micko & The Mellotronics have released a number of entertaining videos, featuring some very special guests. 2019 debut single ‘The Finger’ witnessed an appearance from Little Britain actor Paul Putner, whereas 2020 follow-up ‘Noisy Neighbours‘ also guested an appearance from Susy Kane (The I.T. Crowd, Gavin & Stacey, Saxondale, Extras). Watch Video here:
As the band prepare their debut album for release in 2020, standby for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks….

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