Los Angeles’ Londynne’s Falling has released a new single titled “911” — a collaboration with UK musician Macca Wiles.

The track is now streaming here:

Watch the music video here:

Londynne’s Falling formed after the period of loneliness, longing, and self-reflection that was the 2020 pandemic.

“The loneliness really made us ask ourselves, ‘what music do I really want to be making?’ no longer giving into the pressures of fitting in with peers or friends,” says lead singer Londynne“and the three of us decided that we missed a younger part of ourselves that was infatuated with rock and pop punk.”

The drummer, Josh Trevizo, was the first to join, adding drum parts over instrumentals and songs written by Londynne.

“[Londynne] posted on his Instagram story that he was looking for a guitarist…at the time I was feeling insanely isolated and defeated from years of trying to do music by myself,” says Jacobi.e, lead guitarist and the next to join Londynne’s Falling.

After getting together over messages and sharing playlists of musical inspirations, the band decided to meet up at Londynne’s home studio, where demos of their songs would go on to be recorded over the following months.

Since forming, the band’s profile has continued to rise via a series of singles and covers, an ever-growing social media following, and shows at local venues like El Cid, The Viper Room, and The Mint.

Outside of Londynne’s Falling, the members have all been working within the music industry as artists, musicians, writers, and producers for upwards of 6 years, spanning a variety of genres from Pop to Hip-Hop to Jazz and everywhere in between. This culmination of experience gives Londynne’s Falling an edge of modernity and creativity not often found within bands of their genre.

Of the new single Jacobi.e says, “911 started when I walked in on Londynne playing his guitar and singing the basis of a melody. He had the start of a song that reminded him of something Taking Back Sunday would’ve done. We both grew up as 2000’s kids watching Behind the Music documentaries and being infatuated with band culture in general, so I immediately felt like I was in my own episode and immersed myself into the process. The song began with lyrics that focused more on hook retention and catchiness, though as we continued to write, a real story and a narrative began to form.”

He adds, “The song is about someone placing pressure on another person to be perfect, without an ounce of self-reflection. Whether it relates to celebrity culture and the internet, romantic relationships, or your personal relationship with your parents, it’s about feeling harsh judgement, and the sirens that people sound the moment you make a mistake.”

Once we finished the lyrics and chord structure, Josh and I began to flush out our parts and create a demo. After that, we had Macca come in to do a second verse; he was in LA visiting from the UK, so we were really excited to collaborate on a song that felt so meaningful to us. We explained the concept to him once we were in the studio, and he just sat there quietly writing. When he showed us his verse, Londynne and I were amazed. Not only was he able to match the theme, but expand upon it, drawing from his own personal experiences in life and as an artist. It just came together so smoothly, it felt like magic. The whole process felt nearly perfect.”

Watch for more new music from Londynne’s Falling in the months ahead.

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