Hazy Days are a young 3-piece rock band from in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire and they’ve just released their new single for New Beginnings.

Their sound is influenced by classic Led Zeppelin style rock, Seattle grunge and British greats like The Beatles and Oasis, but this is rock rewired for a new generation.

Explosive drums, hand blurring guitar and rhythmic bass combine with introspective lyrics about teenage life today – less sex, drugs and rock and roll and more relationships, fake news and mental health.

Hazy Days write anthems for our times, best heard live and best played loud.

New Beginnings was the first song they did together and were pleased enough to share with friends and family… New Beginnings is where the band say they started, but Hazy Days officially formed in 2017.

About the song:

New Beginnings was the first song Hazy Days wrote and was the moment they moved from pals that played together to a band that wanted to write, create and perform their music. They had recorded the track on three previous occasions, but never felt the final piece captured the feel and meaning of the song. Then three days at the awesome Chairworks in Castleford, a grand piano and a producer who really got the song led to the recording the band always wanted.

New Beginnings is a song that will connect with everyone who remembers their first love and the moment they knew it was ending. A much gentler sound for Hazy Days, there are still moments that showcase their rock credentials.

Daniel: Singer/ Guitarist/ Bass/ Writer.  (19)

Part time Gareth Bale impersonator and trained in classical Guitar and Piano, Daniel wrote the first Hazy Days original song. A former Leeds United season ticket holder, Daniel channels disappointment and dashed hopes in to his lyrical prowess.

Sean: Drummer / Writer / Cuban Heel wearer.  (19)

Sean is the reason Hazy Days fans hear a constant humming in their ear drum. He has yet to hear a song that he does not think he could improve with a drum fill. Sean uses 6000 calories per gig and is contracted by the band to keep his shirt on for at least 15% of the performance.

Luke: Guitarist / Writer.  (19)

Cleckheaton’s answer to Jimmy Hendrix and Rachel Riley, Luke combines mind-blowing riffs with mathematical genius. Luke’s laid-back performance contradicts the hand blurring speed and power of his sound. People comment on how “into” the performance Luke is due to the intense expression when playing, what fans don’t know is this is due to him solving a complex algebraic problem he is due to hand in that evening.

Band history:   Year 7 at Heckmondwike Grammar school, Daniel and Sean and 8 other students get together to form a band for a school talent competition. One by one all the students leave as Sean on Drums and Daniel on electric guitar are making too much noise. As they were walking back to class, they bumped in to Luke and told them what they had been up to. Luke let them know that he played guitar, so they decided to jam together. They played in Sean’s bedroom, they were very loud and not very good, but shared a love of Greenday and tried to recreate their stuff.

Fast forward to 2015 and the lads had mastered many Greenday songs as well as a few Oasis and Nirvana songs. Their love for playing was growing, but as yet, due to a lack of a microphone they had never sang any lyrics. With a mic purchased and Daniel picked as the singer, they decided to write their own stuff.

With 3 original tracks Hazy Days entered the Green King national Battle of the Bands competition. By far the youngest and most inexperienced band entering the competition, they should have been pleased to win their regional heat and reach the Northern Final in Sheffield after their first ever performance. But they weren’t.   They may be young, but they always strive to be the best they possibly can and got back to band practice straight away:-)

Hazy Days have been writing, recording and crafting their live presence ever since and see the next 12 months as the time to show everyone what they can do.