Josh Berwanger’s genre-blending funk punk project Gemini Parks is on a mission to make you dance. Recorded with Oklahoma producer Jarod Evans (Broncho, Flaming Lips) in 2021 at Blackwatch Studios, Berwanger later added Mitch Hewlit on drums and J-Swamp on bass.

Based in Kansas, Gemini Parks recently began playing shows and they just released their first single “Up All Night,” with monthly single drops to follow.

Berwanger says, “Up All Night” has some party vibes going on but lyrically it touches on lonerism. It’s a song about enjoying the adventure of discovery. Whether it’s in oneself, out on the road or in a substance. The video features Andrew Bassett (Mean Jeans) as the manic producer and Adam Phillips (The Architects/The Gadjits) as the engineer.”

Gemini Parks fuses hip hop and pop with a glam core, and with lyrics like, “If I fell back to hell I’ll go back to heaven if I wanna, but I don’t wanna,” there is no way you’ll be able to sit still when they start playing.

Stream “Up All Night” Here:

Watch the video here: