Nottingham’s favourite Indie Rock band are on a hot streak of releases this year and they are back with their third track “Fishnets and dreams”

For The Girl are a band known in their home town for their energetic live shows, with searing guitar work and strong fronted vocals to match. The band have released two tracks this year and fans are awaiting the third with both previous tracks amassing over 10,000 each within their first week, there is an expected reaction for their upcoming single “Fishnets and Dreams” that is to be released on These Bloody Thieves Records

“Fishnets and Dreams” is a track that has been highly anticipated and definitely doesn’t disappoint. With hat tips to bands such as Arctic Monkeys, the hunna and The Amazons you’ll be in familiar territory with the bands new sound, although this track brings an anthemic swing that is unavoidably catchy to the listener and leaves them needing more. The track has already been debuted live this year, to great success alongside thriving bands like Deco, and is due to be seen on tours and festivals throughout next year when venues are reopening.

This release is set to be the third of a trilogy and this track alone is a strong taster of the live shows and more releases that are set for 2021. Already the band have a tour scheduled for February and will be on more throughout the year.

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