Italian goth-rock whirlwind Dramalove relocated to London, England 4 years ago with the sole purpose of becoming a household name in the international rock scene. Since the move, the band have steadily moved forward in making their dream happen with support for their electro-infused heavy rock sound from the likes of BBC 6 Music, NME, The Guardian and Classic Rock Magazine who featured the band on their “Best New Bands 2019” compilation.

The fast-rising trio who have appeared on the X-Factor in Italy are gearing up to release their new album ‘Dark Futures’ later in the year. A collection of sublime future stadium anthems, ‘Dark Futures’ combats the difficult lives we are all currently experiencing and contemplates the hope for a better tomorrow.

The first taster of the album, ‘Pandemonium’ sums up 2020 / 2021 perfectly with its explosive riffs intertwined with dystopian synths and soaring seductive vocals that echo similarities with bands like Muse and Royal Blood at their peak moments. Glossed in a thick coat of darkness, the single is accompanied by a video game styled visual that sees the band on the cusp of an extinction event in which the world as they know it will never be the same again.

Written during the beginnings of the 2020 worldwide pandemic, Dramalove frontman Diego Soncin morphed his feelings and all the question marks surrounding Covid-19 into ‘Pandemonium’. In the opening verse of ‘Pandemonium’, Diego is asking for forgiveness in the name of mankind and as the grinding track progresses to the second verse he is talking in first person as if he was the virus itself,


“I’m the last resort to wake you up, I will haunt you down, besides, I’ll make you think you can turn the tide”.


The choruses chime, “Let’s raise a toast to everything that’s been, will I ever hold you back? ‘Cause I’m starting to give in”, a referral to the agonizing restrictions of not being allowed to hold the ones we love for an overtly extended period.

On these feelings and question marks, Soncin explains of his lyrics,


“Is there an alien species plotting an unprecedented pandemic, pushing buttons in a different dimension not accessible to our networks? Is this happening now, or has it been set to trigger itself thousands of years ago? Is it just pure randomness? Is it a punishment from some higher Gods? Or was Covid-19 a blessing in disguise, to let us find our inner self that we otherwise lost in our day-to-day busy lives? What’s the truth?”


“Among all these question marks, one thing is certain: we have had an extraordinary example of how helpless and vulnerable we are, and how everything that we hold dear and give for granted might be taken away from us in a blink of an eye with no warning whatsoever.”


With ‘Dark Futures’ and especially ‘Pandemonium’, Dramalove felt the artistic duty to create a snapshot of the chaotic times in which we’ve been living in. There is no intent to provide answers to the many question marks we all have gone through but through dystopian type expression the band hope to document an epochal, era-defining couple of years and to bring some catharsis and therapy to the listener in their own way.

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