DIRTY OL’ CROW hit you with a potent mixture of rock & roll, classic heavy metal and a hint
Punk rock. The London crew have just released an intriguing video for their
debut single, Sex Dictator,

UK Rockers DIRTY OL’ CROW are rapidly making a name for themselves by delivering shows that are pure balls-to-the-wall rock with a no-holds-barred attitude. These rock ‘n’ rollers live and breathe music, and will break this year.

Attacking your senses from the back streets of London and born in April 2017, the quintet played their debut show at the end of last year. Since then, the Brit rockers have quickly wooed audiences throughout London and beyond, and in doing so, have already amassed a solid fanbase. The dynamic rock crew made serious waves in last year’s Metal 2 Masses competition and only narrowly missed out on a Bloodstock slot. Fueled with an uncompromising persistence to play for crowds whenever and wherever possible, the band give their all at every show and this has earned the live-wired fivesome a formidable reputation, and rightly so.

DIRTY OL’ CROW now kick on with the release of their stunning new single, Sex Dictator. The band remark about the track: “The music of ‘Sex Dictator’ was developed a while ago back in Germany. The lyrics are based on an experience that happened on a night out. During the production process, the song was shaped to its perfect arrangement and the video aims to show the energy and enthusiasm that Dirty ol’ Crow put in their music”. With a plethora of live dates planned for the Autumn, and further releases in the works, DIRTY OL’ CROW are sure to make their mark.

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