Rising from the depths of hell with fury, wrath, and rage, Danava – Portland’s hard rock anti-heroes – return with the release Nothing But Nothing, their first album in over a decade and a devastating collection of songs to soundtrack the inevitable decline of western civilisation.

Scheduled for release this April on Tee Pee Records, Danava, who formed in 2003, will mark their twentieth year of collective existence while seeking to deliver a sound that incorporates hard rock, heavy metal and a fire forged in the spirit of Iommi and Schenker.

Ever since the release of their debut album in 2006 the band has adopted a scorched earth approach that has blazed brightly through psychedelic metal solos, glam-rock flair, fret-board wizardry, 70s prog and a white line fever reminiscent of Lemmy at his most lethal.

With our world going to hell in a handcart make no mistake, we need Danava now more than ever. Fortunately for us, this March and April the band is taking to the road for a US tour (see dates below) ahead of the official release of Nothing But Nothing on Tee Pee Records on 28th April 2023.

“Danava are revved to full-tilt boogie, shaking heaven and earth. It’s like Rainbow/Dio/Thin Lizzy/Di\Anno-era Maiden/70s Priest milkshake […] They’re pretty much set to show the current rock and roll universe how it’s done.”MIKE SCHEIDT, YOB

Danava on Web | Instagram

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