Crux are a four-piece alternative rock band based in Newcastle. Originally a sixth form band, Max Houghton (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and keyboards) and Jake Waldock (lead guitar) wanted to keep the band going and wanted a bassist. Jake posted on a Northumbria University band page, to which Hallam Press eagerly responded after discovering we were heavily inspired by Muse, and so Hallam Press (bass guitar and backing vocals) was recruited.

Crux have since regularly gigged in and around Newcastle, headlining the o2 Academy2, playing at Scoop Festival, Canny Fringe Festival, and releasing the single ‘Bigg Market’ to local success. ‘Bigg Market’ then featured in a documentary about the infamous party street in Newcastle and then became Crux’s first music video attracting nearly 25k views on YouTube. Crux have recently recruited Joe Reid (drums) after a successful audition where Joe proved to have the dexterity and flexibility of an octopus, and again having very similar music taste to Max, Jake, and Hallam.

Listening to Crux, you can hear their deep but varied influences. Max’s vocal style draws heavily on a Matt Bellamy/Thom Yorke/Jeff Buckley synthesis. Jake’s rapid finger style playing is straight out of Dire Straits, Hallam’s bass chops trace back to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Joe’s obsession with Progressive Rock is always creeping into his drumming. Massive riffs, classical piano, slap bass, and political rhetoric all come together in Crux’s sound.


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