Two years in the making, and CPSD release their debut single Use Once.
CPSD are a pseudo blues alt-rock band from Leeds/Bradford, West Yorkshire, who mix electronic influences with big guitar riffs and desert influenced vocals.  


Having formed 2 years ago to develop what was a solo project, Chris Dover (Vocals / Guitar), Darren Townes (Bass / Synths), and Simon Waring (Drums / Samples) have created a modern take on the traditional 3 piece rock band and project some serious Soundgarden vibes.


The band’s collective career in music is from an eclectic musical background, including working with such names and bands as Maxi Jazz (E-Type Boys), LSK (Tuffasonics), DjingoExoterik & Pulverise. Smashing all of this together, the band mixes diverse rock influences with an interest in electronic music to produce their own brand of pseudo blues. 


The song, ‘Use Once’showcases fuzzy guitar riffs, inspired by their collective love of the underground rock scene, and fond memories of their misspent adolescence in locally revered institutions such as Cockpit (Leeds) and Rio’s (Bradford). Chris Dover’s vocals – a hybrid mix of early Josh Homme & post pop depression era Iggy pop – sit comfortably in the forefront of the mix, giving an overall QOTSA / Kyuss feel to the piece. 
On the track, Chris says: “Use Once is a mostly fictional depiction of a short term relationship, and centres on the lack of feeling attached to a one-night stand.   Inspired by a time in my life when I was coming out of a long term relationship, and desperately seeking anything to feel better about what was happening. It’s a song I wrote not to glamorise or disrespect the other person involved, but to document the numbness I felt at that point”.

Whilst their gig schedule of venues and festivals has been slightly delayed, CPSD has forged a formidable stage show in the last year – which has captured the attention of both music fans and peers alike – and are prepared to hit the ground running and announce their upcoming live shows shortly, following the covid-19 enforced venue closures. 
And if you’re wondering about the name CPSDit’s the lead singers initials, Christopher Paul Slingsby Dover.  So now you know!
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