CASCADE continue their emergence with the release of their brand new single, Angels Path – , out now via all platforms.

If you are yet to hear CASCADE, then you are certainly missing out. The rising Brit rockers deliver monolithic and anthemic stadium rock akin to Foo Fighters, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. Loaded with contagious infectious hooks and driving rhythms, CASCADE are destined to make their mark.

Coming at you from Guilford, Surrey and born in 2017, CASCADE soon proved their worth accumulating thousands of streams with their first single, Listen now. Wasting no time, the foursome embarked on their debut UK tour, followed by a sold-out hometown show. Cascade’s growth continued with their follow-up single, Come Along, which surpassed their debut single, enabling the band to commence touring throughout the UK. The prolific quartet have also recently released their third single, Are We Insane, which has again pushed the band to even greater heights.

CASCADE have supported a host of established artists, such as Jesus Jones, Planet, Cassia, Moses, and more. The band now have management locked in as well, and the crew have just revealed a new single, Angels Path – . The band remark about the track: “In the studio we wanted this to be a fun track with an emphasis on the guitars. In our live show, it’s normally the opener or the closing track, owing to its catchy guitar riffs and breakdown segment which really brings people together. Musically we think it’s something a band like The Who could have come up with, so we’ve taken a lot of inspiration there, and there’s also a few nods to the early Foo Fighters anthemic sound.”

With a growing live presence, and with increased traction on Spotify, CASCADE are ripe to rise by the end of the year. Stay glued to their socials for further announcements.