The Guildford and London-based rock band 2far2jump are set to release their latest track ‘I Can’t Breathe’ on July 28th.

The track discusses the ongoing battle that is living with social anxiety, focusing on how it can be particularly incapacitating when it hits out of nowhere.

2far2jump address the condition through using punchy, uptempo music containing infectious energy and solid guitar riffs. At just 3:12 long it’s very radio-friendly and not without humour when the songs opens with “Hey guys, do you have something we could head-bang to? Ummm I don’t know…I guess”. Considering both the mental acrobatics and the physical effects, the band depicts a detailed and accurate reflection of the challenges that anxiety can cause.

Whereas the verses talks listeners through a visceral reaction, describing “the feeling you get

when you know it’s coming [..] and you slowly feel this unwarranted fear taking ahold of you” even in the smaller moments of everyday life, the chorus describes the physical symptoms of a panic attack, like blurred vision or irregular breathing.

‘I Can’t Breathe’ acknowledges that, as well as the intensity, anxiety can also be more of a lingering enemy within someone’s mental-state. That no matter the situation, sometimes it just won’t disappear. Even in happier moments, such as hanging out with friends, it “can still be there in the background, almost as if it’s sat in the crowd taunting you”.

This personification and general discussion of anxiety really brings a more open-mindedness to the conversation surrounding the condition and mental health in general. Undoubtedly, 2far2jump will be helping those who struggle with anxiety feel more seen, whilst also explaining to those unaffected why compassion and understanding is so important.

Ultimately, 2far2jump has achieved exactly what they intended with ‘I Can’t Breathe’ by creating an authentic song containing loads of energy, catchy riffs and memorable melody. When paired with an underlying relatability, it is sure to appeal to a mass audience!

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