/, ‽ is a nonstandard punctuation mark used in various written languages and intended to combine the functions of the question mark and the exclamation mark. A sentence ending with an interrobang asks a question in an excited manner, expresses excitement or disbelief in the form of a question, or asks a rhetorical question.

For example: What‽ What the fuck‽”

Kicking up a righteous racket since 2012, Interrobang?! (based in Brighton and Leeds) create their very own agit-punk-funkstorm. It’s angular, taut, urgent, pulsating and intense. And it’s tight, terse and to the point. They’re totally wired, can’t you see?

Dunstan Bruce and Harry Hamer both have previous form as awkward troublemakers in the anarcho-pop-cabaret troupe Chumbawamba whilst Stephen Griffin was a former enfant terrible in the London louts, Regular Fries. They came together as Interrobang?!, with a clear vision to create something that is current and relevant; something that speaks to their generation who grew up in the shadow of punk, with hopes and dreams, full of rebellion. What happened to that spark? How do they express that anger now? How relevant are they? How do they make ourselves heard and where do they fit in now?

The eponymously entitled Interrobang?! album is former Chumbawamba vocalist Dunstan Bruce laid bare, torn open, asunder, as he finds himself deep in those 50-something blues. Lyrically the album is an exploration, as well as a statement of intent and a determination to never give up the struggle despite finding himself deep in his own malaise.

“If it’s a question of curiosity, what’s going to happen when I hit fifty? Will I still be hungry, will I still be angry? And will I still have the energy?” (‘Breathe’)

He questions and rails against his own demise with song titles such as ‘Breathe’ ,’Curmudgeon’, ‘Mad As Hell and Am I Invisible Yet?’ whilst still full of righteous anger about the state of the world in songs such as ‘Are You Ready People?’ and ‘Here Now’. He veers from the personal to the political, from the poignant to the pithy, never pulling any punches, always being brutally honest but with a disarming ability to laugh at himself as well.

The music of Stephen Griffin and Harry Hamer is short, sharp and urgent. Interrobang!? pride themselves on their tightness and economy in these rapid-fire assaults and with their crisp, cutting backing vocals the band have created an album that is pointed and precise, exciting and exhilarating. This is an album’s worth of hard hitting songs for hard hit people with Griff’s guitar technique building layers of scorching sonics which when seen live astound.

From such statements of intent as ‘Here Now’ to the lament ‘Do You Remember?’ (about the Bruce’s difficult relationship with his father) to the uplifting and inspiring ‘Love It All’ we are taken on a rollercoaster ride. This adventurous journey is all based on a true story of discontent but Interrobang?! have thrust themselves back into the fray, with something to say; determined to not fade away.

This isn’t comfortable or retro; they reject wholeheartedly the idea of nostalgia, they refuse to live in the past, there’s no misty-eyed looking back; this is all forward, forward motion.

And this is their cri de couer.

Catch interrobang?! on tour at the following dates:

Fri 30th March TODMORDEN Golden Lion with Liines

Sat 31st March WELLINGBOROUGH Horseshoe Inn with Eastfield. Wreckage

Sun 1st April NEWPORT Le Pub with Eight Rounds Rapid, Emy Lou Robbins

Mon 2nd April BRISTOL Louisiana with The Flux Capacitors

Tue 3rd April LEEDS Brudenell with Bilge Pump, Year of Birds

Wed 4th April LANCASTER The Yorkshire House with Year of Birds

Thu 5th April NEWCASTLE Cluny 2 with The Almighty Uprisers, Year of Birds

Fri 6th April NOTTINGHAM Maze with Headsticks, Verbal Warning

Sat 7th April MIDDLESBROUGH Westgarth with Flies On You, Year of Birds

Sun 8th April BIRMINGHAM Centrala with Eastfield, Alcohol Licks

Mon 9th April MANCHESTER Jimmys

Tue 10th April MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms with Louise Distras, Eight Rounds Rapid

Wed 11th April BRIGHTON Prince Albert with Dream Nails, Eight Rounds Rapid

Thu 12th April LONDON The Islington with The Charlemagnes

Fri 13th April RAMSGATE Music Hall with Eight Rounds Rapid

Sat 14th April SCUNTHORPE Café Indiependent with Eight Rounds Rapid, Addictive Philosophy

interrobang?! are:

Dunstan Bruce vocals

Stephen Griffin guitars

Harry Hamer drums

Pre-order the album at:

Find interrobang?! at:

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