Midlands-based alternative metal act Bad Llama have released their venomous new single/video ‘Viper’.

The single’s lyrics explore the nature of those people that suck the soul and life out of every situation; the parasites, the leeches, the rats, the vipers. Injected with a hefty dose of venom, the combination of melodic chorus lines with filthy, growling verses, are all topped off with ear-splitting metalcore breakdowns.

Watch the video to ‘Viper’ here:

The band comment: 

“‘Viper’ is about people coming into your life with ulterior motives. All they do is take your time and take your money, mentally drain you, or play off your empathy. Even after you’ve given them everything you physically can, they end up chipping away at your mental state instead until you’ve nothing left for even yourself. ‘Viper’ is similar to the snakes hidden in the grass, just like the people you bring into your life that just do you harm, whether they realise it or not. And its about trying to take that sense of self back.”

With a heartfelt vocal delivery and thought-provoking lyrics, combined with an eclectic blend of heavy and melodic musicianship, Bad Llama continue to develop a very unique and recognisable sound. Complimented by a consistently explosive and passionate live performance, the band are becoming an exciting prospect among the unsigned circuit. 

Bad Llama are: 

Kyle Jordan || vocals
Sam Wyatt || guitar & backing vox
Lewis Hutchings || bass
Adam Neilson || drums

Bad Llama online:
Facebook || Instagram || Twitter

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