Peter Hook (New Order), Rowetta (Happy Mondays), Brinsley Forde (ASWAD) and others join C McQueen for limited edition CD LP. ‘RADIO BABYLON’ is a 8-track album raising featuring music industry giants, all to raise money for Musicians Against Homelessness.

The Last of the Fallen Angels is the collaboration project of Newcastle based multi instrumentalist Conrad McQueen. On “Radio Babylon” he has worked with singers, from Sweden to Manchester, New Jersey to Newcastle, on 8 songs which will be released on CD only in aid of Musicians Against Homelessness / CRISIS on 30th November.

The album features “Ivory Tower” ft Tara Tine – a recent limited edition 7 inch vinyl release through Butterfly Effect Records’ Singles Club on 30th September. It sold out on pre orders.
Music legend Simon Ellis handled production duties. Simon is better known for mainstream pop (Spice Girls, Westlife, Britney Spears and he wrote Don’t Stop Movin’ for S Club 7), but when he heard CMcQ’s dark electro demos, he was full of ideas and keen to get involved.
“Kisses” features Peter Hook (New Order), while “Change Has Gotta Come” features Rowetta (Happy Mondays) and Brinsley Forde (Aswad).

Radio Babylon Track Listing:
1. Press Play ft Victoria Owsnett
 2. Kisses ft Peter Hook & Beccy Owen
 3. Ivory Tower ft Tara Tine
4. Change Has Gotta Come ft Brinsley Forde and Rowetta
 5. Bowie In Berlin ft Laura Rikenbacker & Jeff Black
6. Ocean ft Renee LoBue
 7. Orpheus ft Mark Dickinson
 8. Press Eject ft Victoria Owsnett